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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sleepy Head

I slept late today!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice!! So, today is second day of the second week of school. Yesterday was hard motivating myself and #1 to get a lot accomplished during "official" school hours. We had such a busy morning with grocery shopping, car washing, and just stuff that by the time #3 took a nap, we were all exhausted. Today went real well. His handwriting is really improving and he memorized Matthew 5:14 really quick along with our address.

I am driving myself crazy with trying to decide which blog service to go with. SO many options, each one has different perks. What I really want is to be able to blog and scrapbook all with the same service. I want to create different albums and mini scrap books on the computer and do away with all the papers, glue scissors and stuff. It is just to messy and takes up so much time. My man says I can do it if I study to be a web designer. No chance so that so I have to take what I can get. Ok, I am feeling really random and here comes #3 needing her mommy to save her day, well she probably just wants some juice but it feels better to think of it the other way.


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