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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My little ninja

I managed to get out the camera and get a quick pic of my little #3 attacking me, shouting HEEE-YAHHH! The funny thing is, she's wearing an orange knitted pumpkin cap, #1's new shirt (tags still attached) and she is trying to slice me with a blue Power Ranger Sword. She is quite aggressive and goes after #2 & #1. They think she is a bit of a pest right now, honestly they are right. She is just so adorable and funny, it is easy to forget and look over her pesky little ways.

School was awesome today. We studied electricity. #1 was really interested and absorbed a lot. #2 wasn't interested so I did not push it. She was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch around 5 pm. Oh, (follow me as I jump around) some how during school the phrase "falling in love" came up. #1 explained to me that sometimes a boy will look at a girl and fall in love. So I asked him what kind of girl did he want to fall in love with and marry, His list :

#1's wife : (He wants her to be)
Compassionate, (his definition is: helping others when they need someone to help them)
Like my mom
She needs to have a playroom for our kids, #1 quote "I'll probably be the guy who paints that room. Flames and Power Rangers, and maybe some other things for the girls"

Then he said, "When I get married, we'll all still be a family right? I mean all of us, a family until we die."

Yes, until we die.


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