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Friday, July 7, 2006

painted rock and walmart

The kids and I went to Super Walmart today.. I have a love hate relationship with that store. The prices really are lower and for some items, A LOT lower. But the whole layout of the store just bugs me. There is so much stuff to get distracted with. The lines are always forever long. Just when I finally make it to the dairy section I remember I forgot to get Shampoo. It seems like it takes over 5 minutes to get back over to the Shampoo aisle. Plus all 3 kids like to hang on or somehow get in the buggy. Sometimes just to turn the cart I have to use my whole body to steer it in the direction I want it to go. When we finally got home, I was so exhausted. I have to say though, the kids behavior could not have been better. I've been so into to them lately, I could just eat them all with a spoon. That phrase probably doesn't make sense to anyone, but in my tired head, it's just does.

We bought some new paint today. They decided to paint our big yard rock. They were so adorable working on it together. Afterwards they took sidewalk chalk and worked on making their own hieroglyphics.

All 5 of us ended the day by watching some home movies. I love today.

I guess I should start some photo albums?!


Blogger justabeachkat said...

I sure miss you. I love the photos today, especially the last one. The girls just get prettier and prettier!! Give all the kids a hug and kiss from MeMe.

11:23 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Love the new look. For some reason, your profile pic size has thrown your margin down to the bottom in Internet Explorer. You can get the pic smaller by posting your pic to a blog in "small", then replacing the current photo code with the "small" one. It usually does the trick.

Hope that helps.

PS: love the pics!

1:20 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

Love the new look. I'm getting ready to change mine too.

Your kids are adorable. And, I love your back many big trees!

3:05 PM

Blogger Glass Half Full said...

Your comments about Super Walmart ring true. Haven't we all been there when we are ALL THE WAY in the back of the grocery area and we forgot shampoo or toothpaste? The prices are low, but it seems to take hours when I make a trip there.

The photos are cute!! :) You have beautiful children.

7:47 PM

Blogger JenMom said...

Your photos just get better & better.
What an awesome activity painting the rock together!

1:57 PM

Anonymous SwimMom2 said...

I check out your blog every once in a while through a link from a friend's blog. Loved the pics from this post. I had to comment because of your use of the word "buggy" in reference to a shopping cart. I grew up in Alabama where "buggy" was a common word. I now live a little further north (though still in a southern state) and never hear the word "buggy." When we first moved here, it took me a while to overcome using the word. But now, some 15 years later, I had all but forgetten about it.

12:38 PM


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