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Thursday, June 29, 2006

so today went a little something like ...

On a whim, I called some friends and asked them to join us at my aunt's(who is out of town) pool for a few hours. We show up early. I have to put up their crazy mutt who has dug huge holes in their beautiful flower beds. She yanks me around fighting her fate of being locked up in the storage house. With the dog put away, all the kids file out of the car and run ahead. As I unload I hear ...

Mommy, eeww! You gotta come look at this!

I come around with all our swimming gear in hand and want do I see-DOG POOP in the pool! I mean come ON! What kind of crazy dog takes a load off in a POOL!

Anyways, the pool gets shocked and closed for the day. Luckily they live on the lake. So all the kids put on life jackets and swam off the dock. I got into. And I realized, at 31 I have still not out grown of my fear of little fishies nipping at my toes. I wore my life jacket like a big diaper and kept a close watch on all 10 of my little piggies.

Next we head to the doctor. Wet hair and all. Fortunately I think it had been over 6 months, maybe more since we had been. The kids have really been healthy, or at least not sick enough for me to justify taking them. Anyways, I had some random health questions and needed to get some refills for them. As I was about to leave, I saw #2's weight on her chart. I realized it's been the same for at least for over a year. I asked the nurse and she looked up her averages. The child is 80% in height and 15% in weight! Crazy. I knew she was thin, but hearing her averages made me want to go buy the girl a dozen milkshakes. They want to see her again in a few months and see if she will put on some weight. I personally have never ever been asked to put on weight. She inherited those genes from her dad.

Well, later I take dinner to a friend who is moving. I get there and I am greeted by her, her husband and her brother in-law. We are all chatting in the kitchen and I happened to look down and notice my fly is gaping open. Nice. I was thankful that I had a cookie sheet tucked under my arm. I casually slid it over and did a quick zip up.

Things were kind of hectic around bed. The girls we EXTRA WHINNY. I tucked them in a 7:15. That's the earliest my kids have ever gone to bed. #1 got to stay up late and wait for his dad to come home. I was cleaning out the refrigerator and he came up to me and honored me with a lego badge. He makes these lego badges as a sign of good deeds. I was awarded this one for being the best breakfast maker, best lunch maker and the best cooker for dinners. Considering he is an extremely picky eater, I am taking it as a high compliment. I am assuming the badge is a picture of food and a place setting or something. I sure do love my little man.

We're all leaving tomorrow to go visit my man's parents and vacation. So I am shutting up for a while. Have a happy 4th.


Blogger Perri said...

Have a good trip. I'm with you on the lake swimming. I like to know what is going on beneath the water.

congrats on your major award!

11:40 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

my daughter is also a thin girl .. I am lucky she inherited her bio dad's physique rather than mine .. although I was never an overweight child, but I did have a bubble butt and once puberty hit, I inherited my mother's family hips and butt gene lol as long as you know your child is healthy and eating regular meals, I wouldn't be too concerned
as for #1, what a great guy you have raised .. that is the sweetest thing ever .. I don't get badges but I do get lots of hugs and kisses and "you are the bestest Mummy ever" .. so can't complain there .. have a wonderful trip away !!!

1:01 AM

Blogger Adventures In Babywearing said...

Too funny! What a day! Oh, and I STILL think something's gonna get my feet in the lake, and are people 100% sure there is NO WAY sharks can live in lakes? Still a fear of mine no matter how ridiculous!

9:48 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Oh that's too funny - what dog does a load in the pool? Musta been desperate or looking for some sort of releif! Have fun on your vacation - and watch out for the little fishies in the water (they were all over the place last week when we went! ugh!).

3:29 PM


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