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Thursday, July 6, 2006

we're home

Our trip to the beach was one of my most favorite vacations we have had. My man has been working so much it was so so so nice to have time away. No phone, no computer, and no TV (well the kids watched a little). It was a great break from everything. MeMe & Grandad sure are sweet for letting us come visit paradise for while.

So, I am now back in the real world again. Bill paying, grocery shopping, planning to cook "real" meals, etc. Some how the kids managed to stay quiet this morning and I did sleep until almost 9 am today. Every morning at the beach the kids got up at Georgia time. I returned home relaxed but not rested. We are just taking it easy today. The kids said they don't want to go anywhere. That is fine with me.

The water was so clear and beautiful.


Blogger Kate said...

May I ask what beach that is? The water is just gorgeous!! I'm wondering if that is gulf side somewhere? I am so over the Atlantic beaches - I want BLUE water and white sand to play in like that! Welcome Home (and to reality again!)!

3:34 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

It looks wonderful! Wow, sleeping until 9:00 that is a blessing! I know what you mean about feeling refreshed, but not rested after a vacation, especially with little ones.

3:37 PM

Blogger terrible speller said...

We were at Destin. I love the water there, but I also love the long beaches on the Atlantic side and how it makes tide pools for the kids to play in. pros and cons to both. We are just thankful to be able to experienve both in one summer.

3:57 PM

Blogger Glass Half Full said...

Welcome back and I love your blogs new look. :)

4:59 PM

Anonymous Jabulani Jonny said...

The new look is just gahwgeous dahling. Love it! You guys gonna be down at the beach again when we're down? Mr. Potatoe mentioned it.

7:08 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

The post vacation readjustment can be harsh, try to do as much of nothing as you can.

Thanks for sending the extra prayer our way! <3

11:42 AM

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

new design looks great! Totally jealous of the sand and surf. California is just not that pretty.

12:27 PM

Anonymous brian said...

ang, the site isn't working right with Internet Explorer. I'm thinking it's because your picture ratio might be a little to big. maybe you can fix it, but if not, e should know. you just need to resize it in the template.

5:43 PM

Blogger Jules said...

Great new look! The pics look like the carribean!! Looks fun!

8:52 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Wow! That water is gorgeous and it does look like Mexico! I have never been to Destin but I would love to take the kids someday!

6:02 PM


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