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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

vbs & me

So, two days down and 3 more to go. This getting up everyday an knowing me and the kids are headed to the same place is ... okay. I am glad it is for only a week. #2 is really enjoying vacation bible school. #3 seems happy. #1 did not want to return today, but he did without complaining. I am helping out with a first grade class. We have 26 kids. We got so full we added an extra table and stuck it in the back. I was the last teacher to show up (of course), so it became my table. Only 3 kids and me can fit at it so it's just me and 3 boys. My boys are great. Very active and competitive as most 7 year old boys are. They love love love to talk. All 3 will tell me a long life story all at the same time. They just keep talking and talking and if I try to butt in and try to get them to go one at a time, they just keep talking. Today the asked me if I would be their teacher all week. When I replied yes, they gave me a big grin and said ... YES! I have to admit it made me feel real swell. During large group time we reiterate the bible story and then have prayer time. This is truly the comic relief time for the adults. One of the other teachers asks if any of the kids has a prayer request. Well, who would have known that every day over half of them raise their hand. Kids do tell all. Who died, who is about to die, who died last year, who lost their dog, a dog died, a cat got run over and they saw it in the road. It really is so precious to hear what really concerns them.

okay, I have a an hour worth of dishes to do. I better go.


Blogger Cantini #3 said...

You are a trooper... I'm just taking pictures this week, not in a room with the kiddies....but I think that your #2 is in with Parker.....let me know if she says anything about the cute red head!

7:05 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

I think I'm a closet homeschooler...meaning, I hate to go, go, go! So glad it's okay to me a mom and hate that mentality.

10:10 AM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I specifically signed up for "dj" of VBS so that I don't have to deal with discipling other's kids. Isn't that wimpy? You know that vow we take when kids are baptised to support the parents in raising their kids?? Oh well, I guess just volunteering counts for something.

6:38 PM


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