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Saturday, July 8, 2006

no time

Time stood still for me twice today. And when it happened, I remembered how rare and precious those moments are.

1. Went on a long long walk today alone. I walked out on a community dock, (the neighborhood behind us is on a big lake) sat on the edge and realized no one was around. I laid down on my back, closed my eyes, and just listened. No watch, no phone, no ipod. My crazy mind actually turned off. I was inwardly and outwardly still. It was glorious.

2. #2 and I spent some time together today. Just us girls. We went to my aunt's house (who was out of town) to swim and jump on the trampoline. Before we left we sat in a chair, she in my lap, and played eye spy. Again ... no phone, no watch, no other thought than my girl in my lap, beautiful view of the lake, nature. It was awesome.


Blogger Cantini #3 said...

Sounds like a perfect day!!!

11:13 PM

Blogger keri said...

what a fun date with #2! welcome back by the way, your beach time sounded wonderful. i like your new blog gotta help me with mine! which by the way, have you checked it out yet? i joined the blogger world. and when can i be on your list of links....i want to be your friend :) love you!

11:20 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

I had a day kind of like that yesterday too. See my blog.

8:09 AM


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