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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Funny little story. This has nothing to do with Halloween, but I had forgotten about it until I typed in halloweenies. The other day, #1 and I had gone to church by ourself. My man was at home with the girls because they were sick. So, #1 and I were driving through Atlanta searching for a spot to eat lunch. We were at a red light when tons of women begin to cross the intersection. They all had on pink accents and it was obvious they were doing the Walk to help fight breast cancer. Women were every where. #1 asked me what were they doing and why did they all have on pink. So I tried to explain briefly what breast cancer was.
Then he asked, "What is a breast?"
I said, "Doctors and other people call "nickels" (long story) breast. You know like how I have nick names for you and your sisters. I might call your sister pumpkin, but that is not her real name."
Some how the conversation transfered to boy body parts.
I said, "If the doctor needed to refer to you po po he would call it a different name."
#1 replied real matter of fact, "I know, he'd call it a weenier."
I was so cracked up by his reply, I didn't get around to addressing the correct name for it.

Anyways, Halloween was so fun. My parents did pizza for all of us and we trick-or-treated in their neighborhood. I loved watching the kids go up to each door. #3 was so excited, she couldn't just walk, she had to skip to most of the houses. Everybody was extremely generous with the candy. We have enough to last us at least a year, especially since their normal ration of candy is 2 pieces a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the pic of your kidlets on Eric's blog, and thought they were just the cutest ever. Glad they had a wonderful night.

As for the breast story, that's so cute. I have similar conversations with my kids, and I am always stuck for words as to what to call "them". I just refer to "them" as your private parts, but they do have nicknames.

I was going to post a funny story about one conversation, but wasn't sure if it was one of those Mummy stories that may offend others. Long story cut short, my daughter was mortified when her brother suggested when she got older she would have a private part like me "NO I will NOT! Hers has hair on it. That's DISGUSTING!" I didn't know whether to be offended or laugh, so I went with laughter haha

10:56 PM

Anonymous Mike said...

Love the images, especially the bunny.

I've always wanted to “paint” my 3-year old’s face. But he won’t let me. He thinks face paint is make-up.

“Daddy, I’m a boy,” he would always say. “I have a tweetie, remember?”


2:29 PM

Blogger keri said...

they are all cuties. i love stephanie's pink hair.

8:41 AM

Blogger justabeachkat said...

Oh, they looked so cute. I remember going with them in your Mom's neighborhood Halloween before last (I think) when you guys were out of town. It was fun! #3 was still in a stroller. Time is flying. I miss and love you all.

11:53 PM

Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

That grin on #1's face in the pic with Eric reminds me of his baby pictures. Something about that little smile brought me back to 1999! The kids all look so cute! I love the weiner story!

9:50 PM

Blogger Kate said...

hey, what happened to the other blog design? it was so fun!

2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, love the new look!!! :)

Second, I have been SOOOO bad at commenting. Just busy and lazy!!

The photos are usual!

8:37 PM


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