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Thursday, October 12, 2006

shopping adventure

This morning we had our monthly homeschoolers Lego Club. The group is really growing. We had planned to have it at someone's house. I am so glad we changed the location to a local church, because we had at least 20 kids show up. It was kinda crazy since we did not prepare for so many, but the kids had a blast.

After that we had lunch with my mom and dad. Yummy, Buffalos!

Then it was off to T.J. Maxx to find some jeans for my youngins and a birthday gift for a friend. My kids exhaust me when we shop. The instant we walk in a store it becomes a "fantasy land". They either play secret spies, hiding under every clothing rack we are with in 2 feet of (and if there is carpet on the ground I often find them doing an army crawl from one rack to the next), don't step on the cracks or you'll end up melting in hot lava, lets make bunk beds on the store shelves, or lets see how many things we can put of little fingers all over. At least they were so engrossed in their play I was able to slip a few Christmas gifts in the buggy without them even noticing. After the Maxx, I couldn't help but to run next door to Hobby Lobby. It is my favorite. After knocking 2 different items over, even after I said- touch with only ONE finger-I made the rule that they MUST keep their hands stuffed deep down into their pockets. Next thing you know, #1 blurted out the idea that his feet could be laser blasters. Then all three were kicking their feet around shooting all kinds of items and even people. #2 got a little too excited and knocked a candle stick over and of course it broke. Thankfully those great people at Hobby Lobby said it was okay. As we left the store, #1 said, "Man, I really like shopping in those stores." My mental reply, "Really, I didn't notice?!"


Blogger Teeny said...

you poor thing .. you must be exhausted .. this is why Mr H and I have changed our grocery shopping day to Monday mornings when both kidlets are at school & kindy lol

12:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have experience trips like that. Matt likes to hide in the racks too and then when I am calling for him he jumps out saying "surprise" -- like I would laugh at that!!!! It is exhausting and draining for sure.

8:03 AM

Blogger keri said...

great description of your shopping adventure. we too have broken things at hobby lobby! so far we haven't had to pay for them either. (love that store!)

9:50 AM

Blogger Kate said...

sounds so much like mine! it IS so exhausting!

7:31 PM

Anonymous Mike said...

I've kinda given up trying to control my 3-year old whenever we shop. So I did the best thing. My wife shops while my 3-year old and I do pretend play. He pretends to be Superman; I pretend to be Mr. Freeze.

If my 3-year old strays, I call out, "Freeze!"

Next shopping day, we'll play follow-the-leader.


He loves it. And it works.

8:05 PM

Blogger Jean Joiner said...

hey angela! it makes me glad i still have one child that is confined to a stroller/shopping cart at the moment. your blog is great. i've spent much too much time reading it tonight. my sister sent me over here to read your blog and comments about your vacuum search. which one did you end up with? we're in the market. :)

8:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lovey .. haven't heard from you for a little while .. hope all is well .. miss your daily posts :)

3:43 AM


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