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Saturday, August 20, 2005


No, our kids are not making fun of Asian people, they are trying to keep their eyes open from the flash of the camera. #1 cannot take a decent picture inside. Every time the I take a picture inside his eyes are half closed, so he had the idea to prop them open. They put a show on for me yesterday. It was really crazy. This picture makes me laugh, so I thought I would share it. My man and I recorded the whole season of Brat Camp on our DVR and we are finally getting around to watch it tonight. Whoa! That is all I can say.

Read an article today about some children being mistreated in India. I was sitting at the table with #2, eating popcorn while she drew rainbows and egg shaped people, picked up a magazine a friend had given me, and I came across this story about child slavery in India. When I reached the end, I laid my head on the table and wept. #2 was confused and asked me why I was so sad. It was hard to find the words to explain to my 3 year old why mommy was so upset. It's hard to understand why God would allow it, why am I so blessed, and what do you do once you are aware of stuff like that. I guess trust HE is ultimately in control, praise Him for everything and pray. I know he doesn't love me more than those poor innocent children & why he has blessed me like he has, I will never fully understand. I know he created me for a purpose and that is not to serve myself. The battle with myself is daily. It always will be, it is a choice to fight it and I pray I will continue to. &

Ok, I am off to play bit of boggle on


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