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Sunday, November 19, 2006

the monster in the picture

Leave it to the big brother to mess up a cute birthday pic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha there is always one in the crowd, or always one picture where someone has to pull a face !

what kind of cake is that ? I've never seen one like that before

3:44 AM

Anonymous Wendy said...

This made me smile. We have some pictures like this with the brother in our family.

Cute cake idea!

8:23 AM

Blogger terrible speller said...

T- it is a chocolate chip cookie cake. They are kinda popular here in the US. It has a pink poodle on it, since that is the stuffed animal that her daddy gave her and she is in love with it.

9:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!!! I laughed out loud as soon as I saw it.

8:52 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

Our oldest went through a "inspector gadget" phase where he pulled this one pose from the Gadget movie everytime we pulled out the camera. Now we play spot the Gadget when we look through our old photo albums.

At least he's a cute little monster!

11:33 PM


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