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Monday, August 22, 2005

Help is on the way!

Just over a year ago I had a young girl from Honduras come and help me every other week, I would pay her hourly to do all kind of things around the house and it was divine! Well she quit because she found more consistent work, but tonight I got word she could come and help me out again, every other week, I got teary eyed by the news, I am so excited! My prayers have been answered! Whoo-Hoo!

We begin another Chapter in our Weaver curriculum tomorrow. I am still loving it. It is so hands on, lots of Science Projects and Social Studies, it is a lot of fun. #1 is still not interested in reading. I have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to him and we are both really in to it. He loves to be read to, but he doesn't put forth much effort when he tries to sound out words on his own. It will come. I am just going to relax about it and try not to rush him.

We had a fun time outside this morning. Started off with a some yard work and by lunch the kids were in the buff (#1 still in his briefs) running around squirting each other with the hose. I love days like that. They love days like that. MaMa K (grandmother) walked over, she lives next door. She sat down on the front porch and giggled awhile at the kids. It was miserably hot and humid, but all it takes is a long garden hose and a cheap plastic kiddy pool to make you forget the heat. Quick funny story, 3 years ago I told #1 I was going to buy him a kiddy pool, he got so excited and he told a friend that his mom was going to get him a Kitty and Pool!

Good night!


Blogger Rachel said...

Congrats on the help. Cooler days will be here soon, but the pool and hose is sooo fun!

8:06 AM


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