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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Feeling lazy

I am getting paralyzed by my mind telling me all that I need to accomplish. Instead of just getting on a task I am sitting listening to the list go on and on. I really feel lazy and a bit sad. All last week I was away from my man, and it has been a busy weekend, and all I want to do is curl up with him and watch a movie or something, and the way time is scheduled for this week, it will be at least next Saturday before that can happen. Truth is I got good snuggling time the past two nights, I am just being negative thinking it will be another long week with out him. I am happy to head to the beach, he'll be in Texas, I need to be positive and thankful that I have a man like him, and a marriage like ours. Be happy, Oh gosh here I go again, so self absorbed. It's a beautiful day. The kids look extra precious today. Man, what an awesome church service I got to experience. See, I already have a huge smile on my face. I can hear #3 screaming continually, I guess I should go see if she's upset or just screaming to amuse herself.......My smile is growing, my joy is increasing.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

I thought you'd fallen off the blogger log, girl. Good to see you back on...helps control my selfish side, too, realizing all have I to report to be thankful for and focus on. Stay focused...keep blogging.

Thanks for the note on my blog. It is fixed now. If you save "sent" mail, just forward to from your sent items folder.

The f had been cut off in the coding. Thanks for telling me! It's fixed now on the post as well. Look forward to hearing from you.

(And how you get to spend so much time at the beach! I am husband is fair, my daugher is fair, my redhead is day sounds like enough "beach" fun for them. Ugggh!)


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