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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

human touch

Sitting here surfing on the web, the house is completely quiet. All the sudden I hear a little sweet, snotty, congested sneeze. There is #3, pillow, blanket, baby dolly in her hand. I wish I had my camera at the desk, she looked so sweet. Of course I had to give her the stern look and say, "Go back to bed". This is not her first time up tonight. My man is at Perspectives tonight (take the class, it will change your life, I promise!) so I am just clicking away on the computer. Do you ever have times when you are just browsing eBay, reading other people's blogs, hypnotized by boggle on, and you look over at the clock on the night stand and 2 plus hours have passed, and you are like, "What the heck have I accomplished?" The time is posted on the top right corner of my screen, for some reason I just choose to not acknowledge it there. This scenario probably bothers more women than men.
Oh no, what is that noise?.... Just #3 again, filling her bed with earthly pleasures. Sometimes as we are locking up at night, making the final rounds, peeking in on our sleeping beauties, #3 has gobs of misc. toys all over and around her. Other times it looks like she has used her toddler bed as a prayer alter and fallen asleep while praying, half on the bed and half off. She is so delicious. I could just eat all my kids up. That takes me down a mental path I have been strolling through lately. Human touch. It is amazing. How incredible was it for Adam when he first touched Eve, well I won't go there, I am just implying that hugs, love, kisses;there is nothing like it. (Every time you watch Survivor, notice it only takes a few days for these strangers to begin hugging, and some even snuggling, filling that desire we all have for physical touch. Yes I watch that show. We have only missed one episode since the original one first aired. We are pitiful! OH, another tangent, I saw T-Bird from survivor 3, she lives near us and she was at our pediatrician office today. She looked like a movie star, skinny, really tan, she is in commercial real-estate, yes I listened in on her phone conversation, couldn't help it, she was talking really loud.) ANYWAY...Some mornings #3 & #2 come and climb in bed with me, oh it is the best. #2 likes to just glue herself to your body, she's has always been that way since straight out of the womb. #3 tackles me with hugs and kisses, and flops herself across my chest, arms, and sometimes my face. Those mornings, I can't make it out of the bed to walk. Each hug and kiss I receive from my kids is a gift, a limited time offer, well sort of. One day they will be out on their own, married, snuggling with my grandkids, I won't be able to cash in on those precious moments everyday like I get to now. It is thoughts like this that cause me to stop and PRAISE my heavenly Father for the opportunity I have to stay home with them. I love it. God you can put me in China, Germany or even Bangladesh, as long as I am with my family of 5 and in your will, I will be just fine.


Blogger arleywarley. said...

thank you for your sweet comment.
you have a beautiful family.

12:49 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Love the family thing going on here.

For the record, my husband is at least noting the increase in my computer time since I started blogging.

Hopefully the addiction will wane soon.


5:43 PM


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