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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Fired up

First off, I am frustrated with Blogger, it is SO slow. I might be moving my site, same name just a different place.

Big day today:

1. After only 3 days of trying, #1 is riding his bike with out training wheels, I cried as if he just took his first step.

2. #1 has really taken to his reading lessons and he is doing so well. He read part of a book today. I was misty eyed with joy.

3. Me and the kids celebrated a new friends birthday at PUMP it UP. Loved it, slides & moon walks, we all had a blast.

4. #1 went to bed thinking he could conquer the world.

(Changing subjects, I say this for my man)

We are watching a show called-Going Tribal, on Discovery. This episode is about a tribe in Africa and their religion. Women cooking, gathering food, breast feeding all at the same time. One woman gave birth, no drugs, no doctors, so foreign for Americans to ponder. They showed a funeral, people wailing, I mean wailing, lying in the streets, screaming crying, on and on. This show is the bomb! We were talking about how these people have never heard of Jesus Christ yet they have a religion (God put in all of us a desire to know him). Here is a thought. Maybe they would be worshipping the big J. C. instead of some false spirits who reside in the jungle if Christians of days past and present had been truly obedient to God's mandate. This is a quote from Leading The Way "Take the results of a survey conducted in early August 2005 by Newsweek and Beliefnet. More than 1,000 Americans were asked what they believe and how they practice their faith. Perhaps what is most interesting — and disturbing — about the results is that 68 percent of evangelical Protestants and 83 percent of non-evangelical Protestants said that yes, according to their own religious beliefs, "a good person" who isn't of their religious faith can "go to heaven or attain salvation." When did we become so brilliant that we can shape, twist and out whit the word and mind of God. Seriously, does it make us feel invincible that we can label and claim salvation for those who never acknowledge Christ as their SAVIOR, not just a cheap easy ticket out of hell. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about God NEVER changes. Jesus Himself said: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6, NIV). I don't hear any other options in that verse. No one. Think about that. How many people have never heard of Christ? It just sounds harsh, but the reality is we are all given a choice, we are not forced to love God, we just love ourselves more. It's sin and it's a disease. I fight the battle constantly, and many, many, many, (should I keep stressing) times lose. How many prayers do we voice on our own behalf? Ok I got to quit. I'm getting all fired up, I am about ready to offer an invitation and have my man sing Just as I am. Seriously I am tired. Good night.


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