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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Made a mess

WARNING: the spell check is not working

I used the monster mommy voice today. #3 always seems to find a way to make the biggest mess. I'll admit it gets furstrating at times. Well I was about to get the girls out of the tub when the phone rang, it was my man, I kept the call under a minute and returned to the bathroom to find #3 standing on our white bath mat squirting a the whole bottle of Blueberry smoothie kids shampoo all over the floor. I had just picked up a handful of dirty clothes (with a wet diaper in them). I hit the wad of clothes on the bathroom counter in furstration and said, "No, NO NO!" (yes in the monster mommy voice) She totally knew better. Then I realized there was white pieces of like snow all over the bathroom. When the wet diaper hit the counter it busted it and sent the unsantitary filling all over the place, the blinds, the sink, the floor, stool, the basket that holds the clean towels, every where. Gross, I mean gross, little beads of tee-tee jelly stuff on everything. "Nice", I say out loud & #2 giggles because she thinks the whole episode is funny. I am not only frustrated at #3 but also myself! Needless to say, the girls got an extra long bath while I cleaned the entire bathroom. Oh and as I am on knees cleaning the toilet, #3 looks at me and smiles and says, "Mommy smile?" Yes I smiled. The bathroom is clean, my kids are precious & we had a wonderful rest of the night.


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