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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Playing in the mud

Today during school we made mud bricks out of clay, sand and straw, similiar to what they would have used way way way back in the day to construct the tower of babble. The kids thought is was a lot of fun. We also finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I rented the orignal movie and they thougth it was fascinating. I was hoping the kids would prefer the book over the movie, but Hollywood won.

The past two days our bible lesson has been from Job 38. It has been perfect for all of us considering has and is happening as a result of the hurricane. #1 asked us the other day, "Why is God being so mean by creating this hurricane". I am so thankful that though I can never answer all my child's questions, I trust and enormous God who can provide peace to comfort during times of confusion. He is and will always be sovereign.


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey my brain is the same way. There's always something racing through. Doesn't make sense the order in which thoughts come and go. Just know Rachel is always thinking something! Lots of times it's really strange thoughts too. Yea Jackson is an idiot-can't believe people believe the junk he says.
And yes, she's beautiful, but isn't that #2?
Let's play soon! Got some dishes I guess you might want back this year!

4:29 PM


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