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Monday, September 5, 2005

almost to heaven

Yesterday my grandmother spoke at her best friend's funeral. They were best friends for 45 years, isn't that amazing? Her name was Mama Polly, and she was 84 years old. I seriously cannot imagine living that long. I remember thinking when we celebrated 7 years of marriage that high school took 7 years to complete, and at the time, it seemed like it would take forever for me to graduate. But 7 years of marriage, it flew by. I remember when I thought 30 seemed kinda old, now I am 30, and it seems and feels so young. Any way, during the funeral I saw all these really old people. Mama Polly's husband, Breezy, was there, short, thin, frail, sitting in a wheel chair. He had this happy grin on his face. Yes he shed a few tears during the service but it was obvious he was rejoicing, knowing she is in heaven running around with old friends, and can you imagine, she has actually seen Christ. WOW, that fires me up! Seriously! I sat and looked at all these old people and I really envied them. They are 2 to 10 years away from complete freedom! I am excited for them. Their journey is almost over and yet I feel like mine has just begun. Mama Polly was an incredible lady, loved and admired by so many. I sat and thought about how I hope to feel when/if I make it to 80. I hope I don't sit around and complain of aliments, get frustrated that I haven't seen my grandkids in months. Every day has a purpose and I want to still be living my life with joy. I pray and hope it will be evident just as it was in Breezy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having a hormonal night that is so out of control. Just watched the notebook, and between that and your blog I can't sleep! Really feeling so much like you that I want my life to be full of joy and purpose! Overwhelmed with emotions tonight! Too bad it's too late to call...oh well catch up soon when I have my wits about me! Love, R (Andy's love)

11:45 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Love your blog. Have had trouble finding Christian Moms. I'll be back.

Thanks for sharing your life.

8:32 AM

Blogger Darlene said...

When you focus on the spiritual, death is so much easier to live with.

7:36 PM


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