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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

lost it, the post and the booger

I blogged earlier, then the site crashed. Sooooooooo, here is a cute picture for you MeMe. #2 got new boots in the mail today from ebay. She is pretending to be a cowgirl.

One thought. As I was tucking #2 in to bed tonight, we said our thankfuls and then I prayed. As I prayed I became overwhelmed with love for my children. Our love for our kids is their first taste of God's indescribable redeeming love. She asked me to sing our special little love song that just we two share. I am singing sweetly and she is glued to my chest. The moment could not have been any sweeter. In the middle of the chorus, I hear her precious voice say, "Oh no mommy, I got a big booger." I tenderly smiled and continued to the next verse. She quickly rolled it up, wiped it who knows where, and then snuggled in closer to finish the song with me.


Blogger xianfu said...

She looks cute with that outfit.... Yeah, children do give innocent smile...I luv children...OK that's all...nice visit my blog at

11:49 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...


Okay, got to find a name for kids besides #1 and #2. (I'm still on my son and my daughter...uggh. Realizing that convey not enough character.) I challenge you to a name dual! May take some time to find the right names..."Red" was an easy enough substitute, though he HATES it when I forget and call him that in real life! Hmmm. What can we do...

Cheered me today several timeS to know I had a new friend in GA praying for me. THANKS!

7:52 PM

Blogger justabeachkat said...

Wish you could see my smiles each time I open up and read your blogs!

I love the photo today. She's getting to be a "photo ham" isn't she? I'm so glad. I love seeing her personality just come to life!

I remember so well trying to express to you how special children are when you were pregnant the first time. It's just impossible to truly understand the JOY until you become a parent. Now it's hard to get across the unbelievable JOY of garndchildren??!! I just love though how you truly appreciate the moments of joy each day.

I love you, KD aka MeMe

12:50 AM


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