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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

potty train

Well the potty train has pulled up to stop at our house and #3 has jumped right on. I am shocked at how well she is adjusting. Some how all of our kids have become potty trained at 25 months. This one has been almost too easy. I tried to put a diaper on her tonight at bed time and she refused it. So she is wearing pink barbie panties with a diaper on top of them. The older kids have really been encouraging her. They ask her all the time if she needs to poop. If #3 poops in the potty everybody gets to celebrate by eating candy!

#3 & #2 got into a cat fight right before bedtime. Arms straight out just slapping each other. #1 and I looked at each other and we just had to laugh. As they rolled over on top of my feet, I picked up #3 and laid her right on top of #2. Then #1 and I got on the floor with them. We all wrestled around for a few minutes and in the end the girls were hugging and saying their "I'm sorries".

#2 was very emotional when I tucked her in bed. She was silently crying. I knew no sound meant she was truly troubled. I asked her the classic, "why are you crying" question, getting the typically girly response, "I don't know". I gently explained that it is because we are girls and sometimes we just do this. It was such a sweet moment. We held each other for a long time. She does require a lot of snuggling. I really love it. You can't get close enough when you snuggle with #2. She is asleep now and looking so peaceful. #3 just popped her head around the corner with her arms held out. Guess she needs a few more squeezes too.


Blogger justabeachkat said...

Oh my, I do love reading about the kids. It's bittersweet though since it makes me want to be there with you all even more than usual. I miss you so much. Keep up the stories. I can't get enough. I love you very, very much. KD

10:56 PM

Blogger Maigh said...

The slap fighting story was hysterical and brought me back to similar times with my brother. You couldn't have handled it better...laughter is the perfect response! Almost makes me want to borrow your little people... :)

Thanks for the link as well, I'm touched.

1:31 PM


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