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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ebaying my day away

In our junk closet I have had some items that I have intended to list on ebay. They have been sitting there for over 6 months. So today was the day to pull them out. I set up the big white beach towel for a photo shoot of used misc. stuff that I feel still has some worth. Loaded the pics on the computer and then went through the trouble of listing all of them on the site. As I reflect back on the hours it took to do this, I am wondering is it all worth it? And now I have the continual lingering feeling that I need to check my ebay status. I mean checking it once and hour (sometimes more), could that be considered obsessive? It's crazy how I love to look at the counters. It just thrills me to know other people like to look at my junk! Especially when they bid, that means they value my junk!

#3 only had one accident today. I am so proud of her. I think it is for real! NO more diapers!

Oh, we're watching this show, 1/2 ton man. The people had to bust out a wall to get this guy out of his house. During the demolition, what is he doing? Smoking a freaking cigarette!
  • 1,000 Man Pound

    Blogger Magnanimity said...

    If I didn't have so much trouble getting to the post office, I might try that. I go months without stamps just because I hate having to go to the post office.

    I heard you can order then on-line now...but in the case of packages, they have to be weighed. Man, I admire your oranization. Keep it up and make some dough, girl! Much better than yardsaling!

    10:52 PM

    Blogger johnnyvano said...

    ...but doesn't smoking make you thinner? Perhaps he thought he was doing his part to lose the weight... ;-)

    12:15 AM

    Blogger Kate said...

    i am loving your blog. you can ship right from your house after you sell - just use the shipping services ebay offers. it was such a blessing when i discovered it. the fees are so low - that it makes it more then worth it to use it and not drag the kids to the post office! ok gonna go finish reading and get to bed!

    10:27 PM


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