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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alone, really all alone.

I am sitting here at the computer alone. The only the sounds are the ceiling fan generating a calming breeze and a few cars passing by. To me this is should be heavenly. #1 & 2 are at a friend's house and #3 is hopefully napping. I feel that I should be running around accomplishing a million things while I have this uninterrupted time alone, but all I want to do is nothing. I just want to sit and be quiet.

Today me and the gang went to a library to meet up with a home school co-op group. They had a science club meeting that was to last for one hour. Well two and half hours it was finally over. #1 had a ton of fun. (If you read this earlier this is now the edited version of my post.) I have mixed feelings about whether or not we should join the group. I have had a hard time expressing my experience without coming across as judgmental. That is not my heart. I desire to convey God's love to everyone. The people who formed the group don't mind if Christians join, they just don't want religious beliefs to be impressed on any one. Kinda like China, its fine if you are a Christian but just don't talk about it with anyone else. I thought it would not be an issue but it seemed to be obvious by some of the comments made by a few parents, religion should not be a topic of conversation. I honestly don't want to surround myself or my kids with Jesus loving freaks all the time. Chitty chat chitty chat..........

Well I will type more later, the quiet moment is gone. Here is #3 with wet panties. I don't think she ever went to sleep.

.....Amazing, her bed is not even wet. Ok, she is in my bed now. Maybe she'll drift off. Nah, doubt it. Oh well, how about some TV #3?


Blogger Magnanimity said...

Not chitty chat...don't excuse yourself so much. You raise good questions worth thinking about. I'll pray for you in making the decision. A HS support group should support you in your efforts to make faith part of your kids education...or God could use you there to witness on the sly?

I'll pray for Him to reveal His best plan to you. Seems like an important decision.

11:47 PM

Blogger Marjorie said...

Hi, an interesting post, though I'm not sure I completely followed it. We almost joined a Christian co-op this year but I decided against it. It was limited to Christians and that bothered me a bit, but that wasn't why I decided not to do it. I realized the reason I was interested in the co-op was more to have a bit of 'school' during the week though I wasn't sure I really wanted to do the co-op. I wondered why I was skipping school but then desired to introduce a bit of it to our lives. Nice women, though.

8:14 AM


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