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Friday, November 11, 2005

full of joy

Woke up this morning to a very messy kitchen. As I peered into the sink where bloated combos floated to greet me, I smiled. The trash was spilling over. As I lifted the lid and tossed our garbage in, I smiled. At breakfast, I managed to spill an entire glass of orange gatorade all over the kitchen floor. As I mopped it up, I smiled. Decided to do an overhaul on the pantry and some kitchen cabinets. It made me happy. #3 colored her arms, neck and tummy with marker. I saw her and laughed. She looks even cuter with a green belly button. I enter our bedroom and see the late afternoon rays highlighting the walls and floors, I am filled with peace. God, I will never understand why you bless me so much. All I know to do is to say thanks. I love you.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

Wow...the Smokies added some pep to your step...smiling at combos floating in the sink and overflowing trash. Forget perspective....I think I need a vacation! :-) Great to see you momentarily refreshed, ready to enjoy some moments with the kids again. You sound great this week.

9:41 AM

Blogger Maigh said...

That is beautiful...thansk for the inspiration. :)

11:28 AM


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