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Thursday, November 10, 2005

its just about my day

Funny little things that happened today: 1. After a snugly hug this morning, #1 asked me, "Mommy, can I ask you something? Why do you always smell so funny after you wake up?" 2. We had a friend over to play for about half the day. First thing the boys did was power up with Power Ranger suits. Next thing I see is #3 running after them with baggy britches, a power ranger mask on upside down, wild hair bobbing up and down as she runs after them through the house with an empty water gun making little pistol noises. 3. Realizing #1 hardly ever wears a shirt. It was pretty chilly today. As soon as I put the car in park after running our errands, off goes the shirt and he begins to run like a free man. Wish I could do that. 4. Poor Sophie. #3 loves to torture her. I don't know why she doesn't go and get lost once she sees #3 outside. #3's new trick is to pick Sophie up and push her over the porch railing. The thing that is so crazy is the dumb cat comes back up on the porch so she can do it again. 5. Both of the girls are boy crazy. I let all the kids have a picnic and watch a movie today. #3 plopped herself right in the friends lap. He is 6 and she is 2. It was sweet. He just let her stay there. His baby brother is her age. I guess he is used to it.

So more on the serious side. #2 is a sinner. She has been committing some pretty big ones lately: Lying and Stealing. She has tried to steal two things from two different friends this week. Well tonight I had enough. Continual disobedience. The thing is her big eyes can sometimes water everything down to the point you almost what to just look over some of it. I will admit, sharing Christ with #1 has been a breeze. He has asked deep questions from the get go. "God and Jesus asked to come live in his heart" about a year ago and it is evident he feels conviction from the Holy Spirit. #2 on the other hand, God has a totally different time table for her. She shows no interest in figuring out the creator of the world. Not very often does genuine guilt or remorse stir in her heart. Tonight I think was different. After a long string of offenses, we had a harsh talk. I finally saw it beginning to click. I think I was able to see her realize, she can't explain why she makes bad choices but at the same time she knows she needs to stop. I praise God that she is becoming aware of what sin is. That it's ugly and it separates her from God and puts and wedge between she and I. The love never ends and this I will always preach. I pray God will call her. Soften her small heart. Make himself real to her.

I am off to read my book. I switched. I am now reading Blue Like Jazz. Love it. He is so random and real. It is refreshing.


Blogger Rachel said...

Boy, that last picture of #3 is great!! Frame that one! Had a great time with you guys. The kidsa played really well, we have to do it more often. Have a great day friend!

8:10 AM

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