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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Bug eat world

It was a great day. Started if off with a walk. Weather was Perfect! I am so happy the sun is up early again. The kids played neatly and quietly today. This was very unusual but I had zero complaints. At 2:30 this afternoon we went outside to rake leaves and we did not come back in until 6. It felt incredible outside! Highlight of the afternoon: #1 spotted a preying mantis on an old fence post. This little bug intrigued us for almost 2 hours. We'd observe him for a little while, go play, come back and he'd still be there. I found a rolly polly and placed him on his back in front of the bug, hoping he'd eat it in front of us. I guess he wasn't hungry. The rolly polly stayed up there on top of the post for the longest time. Finally it figured out how to roll over and fell off. We taunted the preying mantis with sticks and it tried to fight back. We put it on a stick, our legs, #3's hair, arms, more sticks, the deck and back to another stick again. I decided we ought to see just what kind of fighter he was. So we found a cob web with small spider and put him in it. He won that match. Walked straight out like it was nothing. Then I remember seeing these gigantic spider's down at grandma's house, so we headed down there for the ultimate fight. There was a web right next to the air conditioner with this huge spider in it. It's the kind that put a zig-zag in the middle of their webs. For real, her body, just her body, was the size of a half dollar. So we placed the mantis in the web. She went right for him. He bowed up his front legs, and she turned around and ran. But the show wasn't over. She regrouped and came at him again. It was amazing. She wrapped him in thick sheets of silk like a pro. He struggled a bit but we knew he had no chance. The kids were cheering her on. It was hilarious. They kept saying, "This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" #1 was disappointed he couldn't actually see her, "drink his blood". We were so close to her we saw it all. Then it began to get dark so we headed home. I loved this experience. I love how the kids are learning as they go. They never realized the "show down" was their science lesson for the day. It's my hope to capitalize on those type of moments and run with it. I don't want school/learning to just happen at the table with work books and computers. I want learning to be experienced everywhere.

"I am ready. Where is the snow?"

Halloween may be over, but the costume will be worn almost everday.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

That's a classic! Should print it off for your kids scrapbook.

10:00 AM

Blogger JenMom said...

Hey there- A mutual friend of yours from BC shared your blog site with me this afternoon. I had such fun catching up on your family. I will definitely bookmark this and return.
I am attempting to blog, too...mine tends to be mostly pics b/c it is all the trio allows time for these days. Chrck us

9:15 PM


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