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Thursday, December 15, 2005

how we spent our day

So here is what we did

The kids watched movies in their tents.

I cleaned like a mad woman.

Looks REAL good. I got a lot accomplished.

While #3 napped the other two painted. Thanks Kate for the idea. Oh, and #1's picture is a Christmas Tree. It's his own original design.

Tried to capture the 3 of them for a Christmas card. We'd be in trouble if it weren't for digital cameras. I have probably taken over a 100 trying to get that perfect one. Then we headed to CiCi's. Dad had to work late and we all needed to shop at bit.

That was it. I feel more on top of things now that the house is under control ... did I say control, hah!

Merry Christmas. -Me


Blogger Kate said...

Those painted pictures are SO adorable! Do you have a laminator? Laminate those and save them forever! (I got one at Walmart for 30 bucks!)

And my goodness!! Your fridge! Doesn't that make you feel so good?! You are going to get me motivated!!
Kate :)

11:55 PM


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