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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am struggling today. I just used the monster mommy voice, didn't make me feel any better. I just want things calm. With 3 kids, that is unrealistic. Get it together. They really are not even being bad, it is mostly me, and a little bit of them. Maybe the reality is I feel I have SO much I need to accomplish. I just want to be able to get it done with out any interruptions and then I can have time to roll on the floor, build a lego secret lab, read books, etc. All the noise feels like it is walls closing in on me.

"Okay God, what do you want from me. I know what I want from you, to take this all away. Slap me around and wake me up to your Holy Spirit. For I know He is within me. Let my eyes gaze beyond the present moment and see things from an eternal perspective. You are so alive. For as I type these words, I completely feel Your joy and peace dwell within me. Praise your sweet name. You can have me. All of me. I want nothing less than to be completely yours. Thanks. Huge hugs and kisses. I love you" - Me.


Blogger Kate said...

deep breaths! deep breaths. it surely doesn't help that it's that time of year when the pressure is felt even more to get things done. sometimes i think back to the way things were 50 years ago and then say 'forget it' to a few things.
i also wish 'that time of the month' would just skip the month of december! then the world would be a better place!!
go enjoy some ice cream tonight and kick your feet up!
ps - thanks for your compliments on my blog! you are too funny :)

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