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Thursday, December 8, 2005

feel like saying...

I just feel like saying .. blah blah blah. Can someone turn the volume down in my head? "The joy of the Lord is my STRENGTH!" I am claiming it.

I am sitting here typing and my hands feel like ice cubes. Have I mentioned I really don't like the winter. Seriously, I DON"T like it!

Ok, here is another random thought, but sums up what I am pondering. Two people make some really bad choices. Then one of them makes some more inappropriate choices. Then you have a small community, where one takes refuge, start gossiping. Next thing you know you have a church with its leaders showing their butt. Then you have a couple almost 2 hours away having a problem all spurred on my the choices those two original people made. I am not blaming them. I am just saying, Satan is loving it. I am praying for protection.


Blogger Kate said...

yikes - that sounds messy. can't be too good if it's bothering you as well? i'll add it in my prayers...

4:53 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

If, as the body of Christ we more as concerned about defending our borther and sister as we were our own intersts...if we truly thought we were ONE body, my, how bright a light would shine!

Honestly, I'm very glad it hurts you. We'll help you pray.

11:05 AM


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