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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am blogging

Feeling a little snappy lately. I REALLY don't like it. I feel this lingering something that has got me kinda up tight. Tonight I was trying to fix dinner, #2 kept asking me questions, #1 was finishing his writing assignment (which I was trying to supervise) and #3 kept asking me to write her name on the magna doodle. Everybody and everything wanted me all at the same time. I know this is SO normal, but I get frustrated when everybody is talking over everybody. Especially when I am on the phone and they are talking to me like I am just standing there picking my nose or something. One child will ask me a question and then while I am answering, another will try to begin a new conversation with me. Okay so now I have complained. OH one more thing. My "Karen" cannot help me clean tomorrow. It's been over a month, I really need her. We have a party at our house this weekend. I have been doing pretty good at maintaining but the house needs some attention. I have to say I am pretty bummed about it. Let's see, what else can I vent about. Oh, got my hair cut today. I was feeling REALLY daring. I intended to chop it all off. I wanted a cute funky short do. When I got to the place, the lady said I shouldn't do it. So, I look basically the same, but several inches shorter. On a positive note, she thought my waves/curls are great and she was the nicest girl that has ever cut my hair, though I don't have a lot of stylist to judge since I only get it cut maybe twice a year. Anyway back to the positive point ... she really educated me on my curly locks. She only suggested one product to buy, which I did, and she was a joy to spend an hour of my day with.

Feeling less bitchy so I will say. I am blessed. I am so extremely blessed. And though I feel like I am hanging on the edge of falling in the dumps, Jesus is giving me the vision of resting in his hand. I am not perfect and he knows it. Can you believe it, he still loves me anyway? My kids are incredible, my husband is the bomb, my family is loving, and my friends are true treasures. Okay, I am going to veg out for a while, maybe read or something. Good night.


Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Girlfriend, I am feeling your pain with the kids trying to talk over one another. Why do you think I am up after midnight? Because it is quiet and I need to regain my ability to finish a thought without interuption! My kids have mastered the "art" of interrupting one another to a tee. I have actually made them put their finger over their lip when they begin to open their mouth while someone else is talking. It is particularly helpful with Jaybird. He knows how silly he looks with his finger over his mouth. We also use a signal, I put my hand on his cheek to signal him to be quiet until there is a lull and it is his turn. Toot is hopeless right now. When I say, "you are interrupting again!" He says, "No you are interrupting!" The finger over the lip is the only option with him. I've even read Jaybird Bible verses on the importance of listening before talking (translation: not being in love with one's own voice!). Only the Holy Spirit can deliver that concept from my lips to his heart. Any way, I know your frustration. I'll pray God will give you a means to control it. Let me know what you come up with. Love you!!!

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