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Thursday, December 8, 2005

my girls night out with #2

I just put the girls to bed. I walked around the house & took a gander at the mess. A little song popped in my head. It's to the tune of "Jimmy Cracked Corn" and it basically goes a little something like this ... The house is a wreck and I don't care. Nice attitude, huh? Works for me tonight. I will deal with it tomorrow. Right now I am too cold and I just want to curl up in a nice heated bed. I have 30 minutes while it gets warmed up so I thought I would write about my night.

#2 and I had a girls night out. It was awesome. She had been asking ... when can I spend some time just you and me, with out anyone else. So tonight was the night. We headed to the toy store and she picked out presents for #1 & 3. It took her a while to get off the fact we were not shopping for her, but she did not complain. Then I introduced her to my all time favorite little steak house. She ate two bites of salad, five BIG bites of chicken, french fries and 2 butter loaded rolls. That was a lot of food for her. Normally we have to beg her to eat. The conversation was light. The dinner was long. We snuggled close together and hugged a lot. She said I was her best friend. What an honor. Oh, there was another unforgettable remark she said. She asked ... Does Santa have a Po Po (that is what we call the male part) and what about God, does he have a Po Po, too? Oh how I love their little minds.

This is how she looked as we left the house. The glasses finally came off after we had been in the store for a while.

This is the steak house logo. Lots of memories.

They had these snowmen at the restaurant. She loved them.


Blogger the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Just a thought...that picture of the t-bone might have spurred on the po-po questions. Maybe my mind is in the gutter. Just a thought. Jaybird, who obviously has no sisters, asked me what the word is for the part that girls have instead of a po-po. I was speechless, had no idea what to call it. There's just no great term and I really did not even want a reference word for him. Why does he need to refer to it any way? Maybe he just needed to know the word. Would you believe I copped out and changed the subject. I'm a complete wimp.

2:03 AM

Blogger JenMom said...

Hey- I just have to did you answer those questions? My little girl has been checking out her brothers lately...noticing there is a difference..18 months old for crying out loud!!!

9:23 PM

Anonymous Los said...

The t-bone logo looks like a penis and scrodum.

2:29 AM


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