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Sunday, February 26, 2006

it's Sunday

Well, let's see. This Sunday we went to church. Ate lunch out. Came home. Mopped the floor. My man washed his car. I went to visit my mom. Then I grocery shopped. Home again and we ate dinner. I just ate a strawberry. It was so delicious. Sweet as candy. Strawberries are my favorite fruit.

So, I spoke to my dad about my mom. I think we are on the same page. While I was visiting her, she expressed her concern about what the doctor is telling her. If it is lupus attacking her lungs, then it could be continual and debilitating. I asked her if she was ready to make some changes and try another type of healthcare. The answer was a stubborn NO. So I said all I wanted to say. It didn't go so well, but at least she knows how I feel and I know how she feels. When I left her room I was really frustrated. As I shopped in the store I realized, I've said all I can say, I can't make her change, I have to accept that and let it go. I can't allow it to affect me. It is SO beyond my control.

Right now I feel kinda numb. I think I am putting up this wall of defense so I don't cry or feel angry. I don't want the anger. I don't want to cry.

AFV is about to come on. I think I will try to go laugh with the kids and hubby for a while.

Here's some pics of the best looking man in the world and my favorite 3 kids. Right now in our marriage we are on a MOUNTAIN TOP. I swear I don't think I could love that man anymore than I do right now. Damn it is good.

He made up the character ... Crow Boy. Why? I have no clue?


Anonymous Tim said...

It can be so hard to deal with things when they are beyond your control. Worrying just seems so right at times. But, I think you are came to a healthy realization that you can't make her change. I don't know all the dynamics between you and your mother, but I will pray for you both right now.

10:23 AM

Blogger Maigh said...

YEAY for boundless love and for laughter...yeay for recognizing and embracing it...yeay for you and your spirit...YEAY!

10:20 PM


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