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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i want 'em!

My grandmother brought valentine cupcakes over for the kids last week on an old Ronald McDonalds plate. Oh, how I love that plate. I grew up using that plate every time I visited them. I think they used to have several. They were made in 1977. Now it is treasured by my kids as well. I had a hard time returning it to her today. All of us wanted to keep it. I couldn't stop thinking about that plate so I went online to see if I could get me some. Sure enough people are selling them on eBay. Four plates for $10. Not bad. I REALLY hate McDonald's food, I just love the memory of the plates. (Sidenote: Rachel, I have faint memories of one of your birthday parties at the local McDonalds in our hometown. We were real young.)

Hopefully my man will agree these plates are a must have and I can get 'em. By the way he is home! I am So happy!


Blogger Kate said...

You're a trip! I have the second plate!! The kids use it and think it's funny! Gosh, was it 1977? I guess so! (I had a bday party at McDonad's too - when I turned 6 - 15 girls - it was crazy!) The 70's were crazy!

8:07 AM

Blogger Aly said...

i had plate #3. and my 6 year-old birthday party was at mckee-dees. it maxed out at 103 degrees (july). needless to say, the hamburgular was HOT. it actually was pretty miserable b/c we all scorched our fannies on the slide, the fry guys, and grimace's shake-o-master platform as we tried to hold onto his bars that made up his body (remember that thing?) or all playgrounds different? we were a bunch of moaning red-faced kids suffering from third degree burns but able to pretty much ignore the pain do to thick stream of sucrose flowing through our veins from all the coke, orange soda, cake, gobs of icing, ice cream, and i am sure candy from goody bags. not a pleasant experience for all the moms. :o)

10:08 AM

Blogger kep said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! We had those plates growing up. Winter was my oldest sister's ... Spring was mine ... Summer was my older sister's ... and Winter was my brother. A few years ago, my sister found them in an antique store or something and bought them for us. I think my parents might still have some of the originals, though I think I remember one getting burned and bubbling up or cracking or something ...

We also had the McDonald's glasses with Grimace, the Hamburgler, mayor McCheese, etc. Oh, and every year my Mom would buy each of us the McDonald's coloring calendars. I would start out coloring the first few months so nice and neat ... and then I suppose I would get bored ... not sure if I ever finished coloring a whole year's worth ...

Sorry for rambling! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

10:33 AM

Blogger five in six said...

That's sooo funny! When I was little my dad actually worked at McD's. He would be the person to go to a brand new McD's and train people to work there. Anyway, I always had my b-day parties there and had those plates too! Plus all the other stuff that has any kind of McD's on it. I think my parents must have been too happy when my dad left McD's because I haven't seen any of it in a LONG time!!

3:52 PM


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