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Saturday, February 18, 2006

sick little one

Thursday #2 and her daddy were sick. I felt bad that he came home feeling completely wiped out but at the same time it was SO SO SO nice to have him home for a whole day. #2 was running a fever and vomiting. This is the first time ALL winter one of us has been sick. I keep expecting someone else in the house to catch it. So far so good. She is more on the up and up today. The past two days she has barely moved off the couch. The TV has been on more than I care to admit, but she had no energy to play. Hopefully Georgia Public Television inspired some learning through all of it.

Yesterday I was down. Just felt overwhelmed and yucky. I realize I am a very negative person. I don't give myself credit for the small things I accomplish. I only feel good when I get BIG things done. Anyway. My man patiently listened to me whine. Then he really encouraged me and helped me change my "mental direction". I am so blessed that my husband is truly my best friend.

Bad news ... my man just left to catch a plane for Texas. This is really unusual for him to be gone so much. I had planned to go visit his parents in Florida, but since #2 got sick, we decided to stay home. Since she is feeling better, I started doubting my decision to stay home. I am really fickle sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. Anyway, we are staying. I am excited though b/c the day after my hubby comes home, we're having a family day at a kids museum. I am SUPER pumped about it. I am kinda sappy about family time and family outings. I get so giddy about them. I love it when all 5 of us are engaged in doing something together. I can't explain it. Thursday night we were all around the table having dinner. I became teary eyed just because we were all together again, eating, laughing, sharing, it makes me feel complete.


Anonymous Amanda said...

thank you for your words of encouragement. i think staying positive and remaining focused on my family and why god put me here is so important. i will try to keep those thoughts present every day.

11:31 AM

Blogger Rachel said...

So sorry to hear about number2! Also hate you missed your trip! I was thinking about you being on the road this morning. I hope she keeps feeling better. Do you have activities planned while he is gone? Call me if you don't Mon. or Tuesday! We can keep you company if you need us!

2:33 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

aww sorry to hear #2 isn't well. Both my kiddies and I have been ill this week too. Hope she feels better real soon :)

4:06 PM

Blogger five in six said...

Sorry about #2! Cooper is sick too! Can't wait to hear about your family fun day...we're having one after John gets back also!

7:13 PM


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