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Thursday, February 23, 2006

sleeping buds

This is #3 and her best little friend. They have a love/hate relationship. Some days they are so sweet to each other (which has been the case today) and then they have moments when they are just mean. They both cuddled up with me and went to sleep on the couch. He and his big brother have been playing at our house most of the day.

Kids really crack me up. #1 gets in a silly show off mood when his friends first arrive. He is constantly making wise cracks about his booty, boogers and all that other gross stuff. He seriously thinks his booty/buttocks and underwear are the funniest things ever invented. He has a millions jokes or wise cracks about it. I will admit sometimes it really is funny, but most of the time I am like ... get over your bottom, son. One day he answered the phone. It was his dad. So when he handed the phone over to me so I could talk, he said ... Hey mommy, it's daddy ... in his underwear! We all three cracked up at that one. The girls think he is extremely funny. When they or any other friend laughs at his jokes, he steps up his silly act and really performs.

Well I am headed to get dinner going ...


Blogger johnnyvano said...

funny, his dad has the exact same sense of humor. it's all boogers and bootys all day long at the office.

9:31 PM


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