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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

good morning

I walk into the kitchen this morning and all the kids are SUPER excited. They run over to the frig and tell me they have a surprise ... Mommy, we made you breakfast! From the refrigerator they pull out a cold bowl of Raisin Bran with milk. How Sweet! But it is beyond being edible. It's been in there for over an hour! It was complete mush. I had to discreetly trash it while they were not looking.

Last night on his daddy's birthday #1 lost his 3rd tooth. We were all wrestling around and it came out. I wake up this morning and the first thing I hear is "FAIRY DUST! LOTS and LOTS of FAIRY dust". It's so cute that the girls really believe.

Well today marks the first day of spring. It's yucky and rainy right now. I am not going to whine too much since we had such a pleasant previous week.

I am just so full: full of love for my man, my kids, life, parenthood. I never dreamed I would ever be this happy.

I am off to unload the dishwasher. I am running a little behind my normal schedule this morning.

A SUPER sized grin.


Blogger Rachel said...

YUMMY! How sweet was that?!
I wonder what my kids would fix for me?!
Coffee I bet with lots of creamer. They know I am addicted.

10:49 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

aww how sweet .. what a great gesture !!! .. I love that my kidlets still believe in all things - toothfairy, Santa, Easter Bunny !!!
I just love your pictures .. especially the funny face one .. adorable !!! .. you have a great family :)

4:16 PM


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