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Saturday, March 11, 2006

it was swell

Had a swell day. I love Saturdays when we are all home together. We burned some leaves today. That is always fun, except after two shampoos, I still can't get all the smell out. Did a little popcorn experiment over the open flames. The kids were really into it. We ended the day with the movie Chicken Run, not Chicken Little. It's an oldie but goodie. I am really entertained my the clay-mation. (Not sure how to spell that one.) I love how the husband and wife call each other Mr. & Mrs. Tweety. OH, and Ginger, the main "chick". She is so clever and witty. The whole thing is quite comical and amusing when you look and listen to all the subtle details and character lines.

Well I think its Boggle time... gotta scoot.


Blogger Perri said...

Oh, if you like Boggle, you should get Upwords. It's a great word game.

11:46 PM

Blogger Kate said...

oh that movie is soooo cute!
glad you all had a great weekend!

5:41 PM

Blogger mommy to four j's said...

We aslo had a relaxing weekend.We watched yours mine and ours it is cute but it also has some irrating parts.

1:12 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Hey- where are you this week?
I will call to find out!

6:47 PM


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