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Thursday, March 9, 2006


I just finished playing tooth fairy. It's so exciting. I feel kinda dorky by how it thrills me to go through the process of #1 losing a tooth. I love it when we first discover that one is loose. I wiggle it almost every day. Then when he finally pulls it out I jump for joy. After he falls asleep, I trade his tooth out for an old coin. When I was a kid I collected some old coins, now I sharing them with my kids. It's fun. I sprinkle fairy dust on his sheets and window sill. He knows it is all fake, but it sure is fun to pretend. The girls will be pumped to see what treasure the fairy left him. I can't wait until he gets up tomorrow. His front two teeth will be next, Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Despite to excitement of the baby tooth popping out tonight, honestly I feel crappy. I had a strange day, for me at least. Woke up at 6:10. I was STARVING. I felt shaky. I had to meet my parents at 7 am to go to her new Doctor's appointment. I was rushed as normal, so I knew immediately I had to cheat my diet. I inhaled a bowl of Raisin Bran, kissed the kids, said bye to my aunt (she came over to pick up the kids and head to her house). I drove her cute yellow bug to my parents and quickly got into their new Cadillac. Dad couldn't find his keys, we are so related. Finally mom gave in and handed hers over. He backs out of the garage and BAM. He hits my aunt's bug. It starts rolling down the backyard, CRAZY, and my dad jumps out to catch it. Finally it crashed in to a huge holly bush. We drive it back up the yard quickly look for damage. Luckily only minor scratches. Then we join all the commuters on the interstate and the nausea begins. I know the I can NEVER own an expensive car. Now, my '99 expedition has leather seats, but not the fancy expensive leather seats. The smell they give off just turns my stomach. I hate it. Plus mom and dad had their normal perfumes on and then the air in the car kept picking exhaust fumes from outside. I had some intense prayer moments during that hour. I found a plastic bag wadded up on the floor, so I grabbed it just waiting to spew. It was so weird being in the car with them, gazing out the window, feeling like a 12 year old again on our way to church or something. Thankfully everything stayed down and we arrived on time. It took me two hours to begin to feel normal again.

At the doctor, we got some really good news. She does have pulmonary fibrosis, but with it only being in the top part of her lungs, it won't be fatal. HUGE PRAISE! I like the new doctor a lot. She is running a whole bunch of new tests and we'll see in about a month what her conclusion is. I am SO SO relieved.

After the visit, dad wants IHOP. It's so obvious before I even look at the menu, I will fail my diet once again. I ate 3 pancakes and had water. Part of me just wanted to splurge and get sweet tea, hashbrowns with cheese, eggs, just gorge myself. But I managed to have some self control.

So later I pick up the kids and head home to fix their lunch. Cheated again b/c I couldn't stand the thought of eating veggies, so I ate corn chips, homemade guacamole and salsa. Hey at least I did not add cheese. I pretty much knew by then it was over. The diet was dead.

For dinner I roasted a whole chicken and made homemade mash potatoes. I did refrain from eating bread. I really was not doing the diet to loose weight. I really wanted to see and prove to myself is the Makers Diet all people say it is. Guess I won't know and I am okay with that. I hated being consumed with thinking about everything I was going to eat. It was stressful. I don't need that right now. I am going to stay away from cokes, enjoy them every once in a while, but not everyday like I used to. I am also planning on limiting my bread intake and just try to make healthier choices. Sounds like a winning plan for me.

Okay, I still feel strange. My stomach is all wacked. I am heading to bed.


Blogger Perri said...

I'm so glad your mom is going to be ok.

I think we share the same diet gene. I was cracking up just thinking how I would be right there with you.

11:21 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

Glad to hear about your mom. What a praise.
I wish I still had some browniees to bring you!
have a great day!

7:54 AM

Blogger Kate said...

PTL on your mom's diagnosis. I bet a huge weight has been lifted off of you. I think your plan (for eating) sounds awesome. Just go with what you feel works for you. I seriously don't know how people can make it through one week of that diet. My neighbor had the worst two weeks of her life and she said it was also getting expensive when following the Makers Diet. My hats off to anyone who can!

9:09 AM

Blogger Maigh said...

Good news all around with moms and their prognosis (is it the same word when it's plural? Either way, it looks funny.) I'll continue to keep them (and you) in my thoughts and prayers.

9:25 AM

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

Great news! And, I'm glad you're not on the strict diet anymore. All that intensity will jack your stomach up. Live life is what I say!

10:41 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

GReat news! No legumes? No sugar? what's left? Seriously? Wow.

What a woman, I say it again!

9:08 PM


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