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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

what have I done??

Okay, so today marked the first day of my first ever DIET. I began the 40 day challenge from the Makers Diet. I have been interested in this book for about two years and when one of my best friends and her community group decided to take the plunge together, I made the move to join in too. Let me tell you it's been tough today. You begin the challenge with a two week detox. No sugars, starches, or legumes. I have wanted to quit oh, about 100 times today. It has been torture seeing the kids eat poptarts (I always eat the yummy crust they leave behind), bread, cookies (rationed 3 a day), jelly, cheese, (I can eat goat cheese), tortilla chips, etc. But I am proud to say I stayed strong even when my man ate french fries and drank a coke in front of me, I refused to give in. I have a mild mild headache and I only cheated one little time. I had a tablespoon of mayo when I made fresh guacamole tonight. I think my husband thinks it's all pretty cooky. Honestly I am not sure right now how I feel either. I think it's just something I want to prove to myself that I make a choice as to what I want to eat not giving in to what my body craves to satisfy bad habits that I have developed. Who knows, I might feel differently tomorrow.

So far today I ate"

1 pound of strawberries
2 14 oz packages or frozen veggies
(topped with fresh squeezed lemon and ground pepper)
2 egg omelet with onions bell pepper & goat cheese
4 pieces of turkey bacon
Mexican chicken with homemade guacamole & salsa

....and I am still hungry.. I've been hungry all day.... I ate all day.... I want some Chick-fil-A sweet tea

Can I go on? We'll see.....


Blogger Perri said...

If you normally drink caffiene - then TOMORROW - GO get some caffiene tablets or Excedrine Migraine (it has caffiene) or else prepare to suffer the worst headache of your life as you go through withdrawal.

Good luck with this.

12:40 AM

Blogger Kate said...

My neighbor tried this and then lent me her book. I don't do diets. At all. I just stop eeating after 7 or 8pm and that makes a huge difference. She said it was H-A-R-D to do. I won't say anymore because I want to support you!! So, GOOD LUCK to you today. You are beautiful inside (most importantly) and outside so why do you need to diet deary?! :)

8:20 AM

Blogger five in six said...

We did the South Beach diet 2 years ago...we lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but I wanted to die because of the massive withdrawl my body was going through. And perri is right. Get some caffine tablets...we both had the worst headache for 3 days. We did great for about a month and lost a total each of about 15 lbs. Why did we stop you ask, after we were having such success? Cooper was on the way! You go girl! Supporting you from afar!!

8:36 AM

Blogger Teeny said...

Good luck TS .. I am struggling with my own "demons" with dieting .. but rather than try a fad diet, I've decided to just cut out "bad" foods .. and drink LOTS of water .. actually that will make you feel fuller (well it has done for me) .. we are all here for support .. I know how tough it is :)

9:27 PM


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