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Thursday, March 30, 2006

it was too quiet

The plan was for #3 to skip a nap yesterday. I thought I would be nice and let her stay up and play. Late in the afternoon I kept thinking ... Sure is quiet around here. #3 must be playing Polly's in her room. More time went by and I was just keeping busy in the kitchen. Began thinking again ... Seriously it is just too quiet. Then I walk through the den and see #3 passed out on the couch. I guess her busy little body couldn't make it. She had brought her pillow and blankie from her room and made a little bed on the couch. Since she napped so late it was hard for her to go to bed with the others. When she finally went to sleep last night, her daddy found her curled up on the floor next to her sisters bed. It was sweet.


Blogger Rachel said...

She is so sweet! Her little body just had too much play!
I got your message today. We are good here, went to check on
Jim's mom today. I will call you.
Have ea good night.

5:07 PM

Blogger Kate said...

I've infected you - go read about it on my blog. :)

9:50 PM

Blogger Katie said...

hi angela... kc gave me your blog address... your kids are so big! it's so fun to see them. our kids were looking at your blog with me and kept asking all about the snake and who the kids were, etc. so, if landon would like a penpal on the west coast, i'm sure nicholas would be up for it! i just started our blog...
good to hear a little about your life... katie

10:38 PM


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