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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


While the girls were painting this morning, #1 and I took advantage of the quiet moment and did some reading. As I was listening to him read I looked over and saw a tiny visitor had some how slipped into our home. We all rushed over to great the little guy. He immediately started FREAKING out. I finally caught him by the tail. We all took turns dangling him. You could see his little chest moving rapidly up and down. He turned a shade of green and then brown again. He got dropped a few times, which I am sure freaked him out even more. We ended up putting him outside after everyone gave him one last finger back rub. #2 wanted to keep it has her pet.

This whole thing took me back to a few years ago when #1 caught his first lizard. He wanted SO bad to keep it for a pet. As I dart off to go get a container for him, the lizard escaped by breaking off its tail. #1 was the one freaking out then. He was so distraught. I had to really try hard not to laugh through his pain. I am not sure why it was all so comical to me. Maybe it was 1. He was standing there in his underwear. 2. He was left just holding a lizard's tail. 3. I was actually dumb enough to think we could keep it as a pet. 3. #2 is crying so hard b/c her brother is so upset.

These photos were taken over two years ago. Check out #2's bangs! So glad we grew them out!


Blogger Rachel said...

I know that no. 1 did not think that was funny at the moment, but those pics are hilarious now!
Just yesterday Loo tried to catch one as a pet and he escaped by loosing his tail too. The tail was very long and I started laughing and she was really confused. She kept saying, "it was an acciddent", I think I scared her by laughing too. I had to remind her why their tail comes off.
That tail continued to move for a good 5 minutes too. That kind of freaked them out. Then we had a little lesson on nerves!
Man kids are so funny! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

1:04 PM

Blogger five in six said...

Too cute!! If your kids need a pet, come and take one of ours!!

2:26 PM

Blogger JenMom said...

Maybe I am a terrible mother, but I think the irrational drama is funny sometimes too---sweet little hearts, full of passion--can't wait to see what they do when that pasison is directed to meaningful things!

7:58 AM

Blogger Kate said...

ok now that is hilarious! those pics from 2 years ago are so so cute!

we had an incident like that too. the tail broke off and then they caught the lizard again and the rest of the tail came off. i was the one that did not realize that and i thought we were torturing it!

4:42 PM

Blogger A said...

you should create a book with all of this. a positive stand for women who commit to stay home with their children. the most honorable, loving, respectful, God honoring, family centric thing any human can do. you guys are blessed.

9:01 AM

Blogger NerdMom said...

Very cute story and pictures. I have a #1(4yo) that always wants to catch a squirrel in the back yard. I think I have convinced them not to try but we shall see;).

4:27 AM


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