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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

snake & skink

Digging in the yard yesterday, the kids and I found a ringneck snake and a skink. They were both still hibernating. The snake looked like it might be dead. I picked it up, I did have on a garden glove, and placed it on the warm bricks of our front porch. It did not take long for his body temp to rise and he quickly began to sliver away. I picked him up again and the kids got to look him over real good. Then we set him free in the woods.

Shortly after the snake discovery we found a skink. Never met a skink before. The girls took more to him than the snake. They pet it and #2 even picked it up out of my hand 3 times. She wanted to keep it. Of course I said no.

I love our big yard. The first year we moved in we were weeding a flower bed and came across a bunny's nest. About 5 little bunnies were in there. One bunny got scared and darted away, so we picked her up and placed her back in the nest. She was just a crying. The next thing I knew #1 & #2 were holding the others as well. Two days later the mommy moved the babies away. I don't blame her. I am just glad she didn't abandon them after we had put our scent all over them.

Anyways, today we learned more about snakes for school time and made a snake craft. The kids wanted to hang there paper snakes from the ceiling in their room. They turned out really well.


Blogger Kate said...

OK wait - you picked up that snake? Yeah Yeah I heard ya when you said you had a glove on, but that looks like a MEDIUM sized snake!!! YIKES!!! You need a blue ribbon for BRAVERY! (I HATE snakes!!)

That craft is SO stinkin' cute!

8:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey A,
How are you!?
What the heck is a skink????
Love you!

4:32 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Yeah...well, for the lizard, I thought you were quite a woman...the are INSANE! Are you freaky out of your head? I cannot believe you picked that up, hibernating or not! Wow. I planted some bulbs in the yard today, and thought it sounded quite productive. A snake.

A skink...I'm glad there's a pic. I've never seen one of those. I thought it was a skunk hybrid or something. I'm getting quite an education.

And...I just bought pink polka scouring pads in your honor today. Both my kids wanted to clean immediately they looked so fun...I kid you not. I had to get them to put them away to finish their ice cream without "cleaning" so much! THANK YOU!

10:51 PM


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