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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

kinda crazy

(This photo was taken several months ago, she's a mess!)
Ok, so today was kinda crazy, well not really it just felt that way. Me and the kids ran errands this morning and #2 had gymnastics. Before gym we went to a school supply place. I opened the door to get #3 out of the car and her hair was already a wreck. She left the house with 2 piggy tails and at that point it was one and a half. So I hurriedly pulled it back up, the part was no where near straight, she moves around way too much plus I was in a hurry. The supply store was calm, they were all pretty obedient. #2 did great in gym, she participated in everything, lately she has only done exercises she was personally interested in, didn't matter to her what her teacher was asking her to do, she only did what she felt like. Seeing her respect her teacher today made me feel really good and I let #2 know it. #3 ate Poptarts while #2 did gym and of course Poptart jelly was smeared all over her cheeks and some found its way onto her dress. Then we headed to Ci's Ci's Pizza Buffet for lunch. The kids love it. We all made a trip to the bathroom room to wash up and while I am helping #2, #3 decides to peak under the stall while a lady was using the "potty". Sorry I quickly say and rush out. While eating #3 refuses to use a fork to eat her pasta and marinara sauce, so now she is looking pretty trashed and her nose is runny as well. After Ci's Ci's we head to Ross to do a return, I bought a Christmas gift for each kid (really cute new lunch boxes) and they never had a clue! Now on to the grocery store. #3 got so excited when she recognized the parking lot, she knows that the store means FREE cookie. She squealed with excitement and said, "cookie cookie!". Ms. Betty who works in the bakery was back today. She has been out for almost 3 months. The kids were so excited to see her. She handed each child a chocolate chip cookie, their favorite. So far they were having a great day. We get to the produce section and #1 slipped on the floor and fell flat on his face. I never get fearful when they get hurt but seeing him lying on the floor and crying, I'll admit it scared me. Turns it he got a small knot on his head and his knee was all red, Ms Betty even came and checked on him. As we recovered and headed down the next aisle, I notice #3 has her cookie all wadded up in a ball an she is just chomping on it. Chocolate is all over her face, and of course on her arm, outfit and leg! The child loves to be messy. I reach in my purse for a wet wipe, it wasn't there, they were in the car. Oh well, she was a sight, runny nose, chocolate face, piggy tails barely hanging on, and her dress was decorated with smears from every piece of food she had put in her mouth. I honestly thought she had gotten neater lately. I don't know. The rest of the trip was normal, #1 & #2 running down the aisle, me threatening consequences if they don't stop, #3 constantly standing up in the cart trying to crawl down and be free like the older two. Me saying over and over, "sit down, I mean on your bottom, all the way, sit down". One thing I do love at the store is how when we finally reach the check out, all 3 love helping me unload the cart. #3 fell asleep on the way home. We made today a review day for school. I am happy at what all he is retaining. Tomorrow hopefully we'll make it to the library. We begin our day at the dentist. #1 can't wait, #2 is pretty anxious.

I am off to bed, but here's a last thought, next time you eat at a buffet, look around, you know you see some pretty interesting people at buffets.


Blogger justabeachkat said...

Wow...I love this. You're doing a great job in putting down all your feeling about your'll be so glad later on down the road. I've been out of town and busy with company, but it makes me want to do better with my own Blogg. I love you very much and can't wait to see you on Friday.

11:36 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

I love the buffet comment! Oh yea there are some interesting folks at any kind of buffet! Heehee.....

2:00 PM


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