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Monday, September 26, 2005

Back in the groove

Started back on a normal routine today. It felt real good. In fact it was a great day. Don't have much to say. I have been thinking a lot about prayer. Sunday morning I got up early, sat and did nothing but try to "not think" and just worship and pray. My mind wants to take me on so many little trips and I get so easily distracted. Today I viewed a short video about two missionaries with Gospel for Asia. Both men talked about praying for hours and fasting. Could I really do that? I mean hours? I mean I am not saying they are super Christians and I need to be just like them. I just want to be able to shut up, my mind, for 15 to 30 minutes and be in prayer and praise to God. I can't imagine myself doing that longer than 15 minutes. I don't know, I don't feel God is asking me too. I really want to pray with a purpose, a purpose not to just better my life. I will think of a country and then I go blank, don't know what to say. "God reveal to me what you desire to hear from me. Burden me with a heart for the lost. May my thoughts and my prayers bring you glory and keep me eternally focused."

One last side thought. Personal opinion: if you get a tattoo with your name or even someone else's name, like your kid or even a picture of your dead dog, on you, I think it is really dumb. I love tattoos, not all tattoos, just the ones that are... you know, like I like. I would post a picture of mine but honestly it's just too cool to let the world wide web see.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

Well, I don't even care for tatoos and now I'm curious.

On prayer. What is prayer but intentional thoughts you let God hear? I like Ordering Your Private World by McDonald Gordon the way he describes prayer as the helm...deep below the storm in the submarine. The place where, no matter what work is going on within the ship, the helm is orderly, in control, and calm. Orders are given and carried out...emotion may be there, but does not reign. Someone is in control. And we know there may be a strom brewing above, but we are centered, quiet, calm at the helm with the captain who knows what we are about. (Forgive the lack of correct terminology with the boat stuff).

Frankly, I pray all the time. Sometimes, I hear my flesh speaking as well, and sometimes I'm responding in disobedience instead of listening and obeying...but I'm praying 24-7. He's always with me. I'm always with Him. If a country came to me and that's all the revelation He gave...I'd just simply pray..."Lord, take Asia." If I felt like he wanted to reveal more than that to me and that I was not "getting enough" to settle my spirit, I'd spend extended time in quiet at night and wait on Him. If I was still restless, I'd fast.

Sometimes, in that time...He may not reveal anything, but just wants someone interceding. Sometimes, when He does reveal it, it's almost more than I can handle. Almost sickening. To have knowledge and know there is a need and to have to trust God with prayer. Do we really? I'm not sure my faith is able to keep up with the praying!

Good thoughts. Good post. Keep at it. I have trouble turning off self-analysis also. Just stirring the pot. God make us analytical?


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