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Monday, September 19, 2005

Leave today

I will be out until Friday. I got up and walked this morning. I forgot my music, so my mind wandered way too much. Result, there is a gray cloud over my head. It is not my desire to feel this way. I hate this inwardness, is that even a word? This morning I was reviewing the "Lord's Prayer", trying to figure out just what does God want me to talk to Him about. I spend a lot of time focusing on the details of my life, sometimes as if I am trying to map out to God what I think he should accomplish in my life. I really want no agenda, just to be used and to praise Him uncontrollably. I am off to make my bed and to fill my head with His praise.


Blogger Magnanimity said...

I had a season in my prayer life like that last year when I could not focus and felt too introspective. Try Beth Moore's prayer book called "Whisper's of Hope". She makes you fill out sections and I found it to help discipline my mind in praying, help me move beyond worry to how to pray to be equipped to do the thing, and pray for others. Plus, you get a little of her teaching every day, which is always phenomenal. Pretty light stuff compared to her studies...but always just the right amount of challenge. Let me know if you like it. Let's see, Link...uh, not sure how to do that on Blogger.

yeesh, look at the size of that...and there wasn't even a picture. Available at LifeWay or online.

Cheers to you.

10:37 PM


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