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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back in the day

As I was taming my naturally curly hair around 10 am today I had this thought, what if I lived back in the 1800's. What would I look like without hair gel, neutrogena self -tan, & eyeliner? Would I just braid my hair everyday? Would I have a uni-brow? As I am typing this, which my man has no clue what I am writing, he asks, "Would you think I am a sissy if I shaved my armpits? You don't like them and they are just so bushy." True I don't like men's arm pit hair. If he does not feel like snuggling at night, all he has to do is expose the pit while he uses his arm to prop up his head and I get the hint loud and clear. Really it is a joke between us. Ok I am dog tired. I vacuumed today for 5 hours, only taking a break to eat lunch. The kids knew I had an agenda and they stayed out of the way. #3's second birthday party is Saturday and my in laws are coming in town tomorrow. I had not dusted the house in quite a while. I vacuumed under, over, across and in between everything in the house, I mean everything. Felt so good.


Anonymous Los said...

Dude. Your husband is hot.
You are looking pretty fine yourself. You guys should be our friends. We are hot too.

3:03 PM

Blogger johnnyvano said...

the funniest part of my day today was having "your man" read me your quote about his bushy pits... it was so surreal, like "Being John Malkovich"... hilarious.

8:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hope the party goes well! The armpit fettish is so hillarious! I will never look at Andy's pits the same again!

4:22 PM

Blogger Marjorie said...

Thought I'd add here that I really liked your profile comments. I could definitely relate -- and I especially enjoy eye liner (across the top lid only)

8:17 AM


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