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Saturday, October 8, 2005

out of sorts & dirt

Feeling a little out of sorts. I am only using that phrase because I have heard it before, but what does it really mean? Well for me, tonight, it means: lower back ache, weird tummy rumblings, other small strange aliments. Feeling a little melancholy, numb, just blah. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and we get to go to church. Thinking about that put a smile on my face.

We met some friends for dinner at a park tonight. Time slipped by. I forgot to remind #3 about the bathroom. Right as the sun was setting (the park will now be closing soon), #3 stands still and screams. She had wet herself all the way to her shoes. Poor thing. It was a long walk for her little legs to make it to the bathroom. I was so relieved when we reached the restrooms and found them incredibly clean. I ended up stripping her down to nothing but a shirt and washing her off at the sink. I carried her little self 1/2 in the buff to the car and we drove to our friends house to change. Now, if this had happened when I was just a mom to #1, that whole scenario would have given me a panic attack. I used to wipe the entire high chair down at all restaurants, all booster seats and grocery carts. He was never allowed to play with shoes (they are way to dirty). I was constantly wearing off his young toddler skin with wet wipes at every turn. Those days are gone. Sometimes I think, I need to be more dirt conscience. Then this calm comes over me and says, NAH, they're kids! It is just part of it.


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