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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

best friends

Lots of giggles and laughs tonight. #1 has finally mastered farting armpit noises. #2 wishes so bad she could do the same. She just stares up at him in awe. Then she tackles him with a great big hug and they both fall to the ground and wrestle. I love it. I cannot even begin to describe how elated it makes me seeing all my children being best friends. For me, they have the perfect balance: If they go to a park, they can easily make friends with new kids. They have several close play friends that they enjoy. They love to be together but at times choose to play alone. I enjoy just watching and hearing how they interact. I think because I am an only child it just fascinates me. The bond they share is for life. Friends can come and go, but family is for always, you don't have a choice. My hope and prayer is that when they are all grown up they will still not only be siblings but friends.


Blogger Teeny said...

that is so sweet TS .. my 2 are like that .. although they have their moments of bickering .. but if one is hurt or sad, the other is always hugging them and making sure they are ok .. I think because they are close in age (exactly 20 mths apart) that they are close in nature .. like you, I hope they continue to be friends, and be there when each other needs them .. family is so important to me and I hope those values rub off on them!

6:10 AM

Blogger Magnanimity said...

Why I chose insanity...wanted mine close enough in age to play together. Teaches you a lot about selflessly and teamwork. Teaches me a lot about grace in chaos! You are just giddy, girl! I'm lovin' it...I'm going to look like that if I ever get a vacation. Be...February most just wait, my blogs will get all sappy like this! You'll be so jealous. (Somebody get these shoes off the floor! Who left this CD here...are you ready to go YET? NO, it's almost supper time, you canNOT have a snack..." My current dialogue).

6:47 PM


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