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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

christmas shopping & whining

I promise I really started shopping early this year, unlike last year when I did it all in 14 days. Oh and people like my friend, the good the bad and the ugly, she does it all in one day. HOW? It really takes me a long time to find a gift. I am not the greatest gift giver but when I do give one, I want it to be REALLY special. Like the best gift ever within the price of like $15. Yes I am cheap. What if next year I just fill a bunch of envelopes with a ten and a five and then write a personal note to the receiver as to why I think they are unique and how much I love them. Then I would be nervous that people would really think I was cheap. But it would be fair. Maybe sometimes I only spend ten on someone, they'd get 15 whole dollars to do as they pleased. Of course the parents would get more. All the parents spoil us and I wish I could spend a $100 on each one.

So anyway, my ramblings continue. I really want Christmas to be special. Really REALLY special. I want to talk about Jesus. I want to sit in front of lighted Christmas trees, with strangers, friends and family, have Mannheim Steamroller music playing and converse about the miracle God performed over 2000 years ago. I want to make Baby Jesus relevant to our fast paced, self absorbed culture. I really want Santa just to be a fond memory of a man who shared love to others at Christmas time, not the glorified magical fat man who gives you the desires of your materialistic heart. I want to see people and give them a genuine hug wishing them a Merry Christmas and not expect a gift in return. I want the world to be still and adore the perfect child who came to give us life and rescue us from ourselves. ... Save me Jesus. I want to celebrate you.


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