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Sunday, December 18, 2005

my man's family

We celebrated Christmas with my man's family both Saturday and today. Looks like Santa has already come and gone. Our living room looks like "Toyland". I was just as excited about all the kids presents as they were. Polly Pockets are the girls new craze. I like her. I think all her outfits and accessories are awesome. If I was a little girl, I would be all over it. We kicked back tonight after everyone left and watched Jim Carey in the Grinch. Feels like Christmas day. I wish the daddy didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I am off to bed. Tomorrow begins one of the last weeks in 2005. I am not one for resolutions but I am going to be reflecting and making plans to better our schooling, budget and house keeping. Wait are those resolutions? Anyway. Good night.


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