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Monday, January 16, 2006


It's the day. I am officially in my 30's. Almost exactly one hour ago, I turned 31. Don't feel any different. When I was little, I honestly thought that magically you felt different once another year of your life officially began. The kids and I went to get doughnuts this morning. Next we went to get emissions done on my car. The mechanic was really nice and we all got to stay in the car during the test. We offered him a left over doughnut. Then we cruised through Walmart. They now have buggies that have like a park bench attached to the front. The kids had to have it. All three of them were able to fit somewhere on it, so I got a little extra workout this morning pushing them around. I knocked over a few things with it, but I was a nice friendly shopper and put everything back in its place.

Tonight I have a really hot date.

I don't think we'll get school done today.
1. I don't feel like it
2. all other normal school kids are out for MLK
3. it is MY birthday.


Blogger JenMom said...

HAP-HAPPY Birthday. I had the big 31 a couple of months ago. Its a good year! Have a great time on your date!!!

3:15 PM

Blogger Teeny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVEY .. I did not realise your birthday was a day after mine .. welcome to the 30's, although I am a year older boohoo lol
Have a wonderful date :) love those dates, I have one in 5 weeks time woohoo

6:09 PM

Blogger Maigh said...

Happy birthday, Princess!

6:52 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Happy Birthday to you :)
Thanks for the sweet message (I was on the phone w/ my mom then). I would call you now to wish you a happy birthday but you're out on a hot date ;) Gotta love that! I'm sure you day was loaded with sweet memories. Talk soon -

9:19 PM

Blogger Magnanimity said... husband's b-day, too!

Hope you had a much better day!
Prayed for you after reading the last few posts.


10:38 PM

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

happy birthday! hope it was a good one!

10:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

On my 31st, Tanna took me to 31 Flavors -- FUN! :o)

Glad you had a wonderful day!


3:52 PM


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